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I am gonna build new PC , Rate this configuration

Processor - Phenom X4 Quad X4 - 955 BE 3.2Ghz
Mobo - Asus AMD790GX M4A78T-E
Ram - 4GB (2+2) Transcend
Hard Disk - Seagate 500GB
SMPS - Zebronics 500W

Need Suggestions for Graphic card , Monitor and SMPS ......
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    Rate? Based on what usage or budget criteria?

    Looks compatible.

    What's it for? What are you gonna do? how much of what ?

    Can you afford to upgade various subsystems ?

    What sorts of insight, suggestions, answers are you looking for?

    Why is it that you decided to build? Why now? can you wait?

    Anyway, looks fine and well balanced, at first glance but we really would need to know, what you are planning to do with it and what your plans are in the coming 3-5 years (the life of the system)?

    Would help ... there *is* a form at the top of the forum page, that gives some pointers on "how to ask"

    = best of luck =
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