How to install HDMi on Desktop

Please advise me how to install HDMI port on desktop
please advise me step by step instructions and what component i need to buy.
i am newbie.
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  1. You cant just install an HDMI port, you need a GPU that can support it. What are your system specs? If you already have a DVI output that can be easily converted to HDMI, if you dont you will likely need to buy a new graphics card to get HDMI out but there are many lower level cards these days that do support HDMI.
  2. I have desktop, intel core quad Q9400 @2.66 GHZ, 8 GB memory, 720 GB hard D.
    no dvi out put or hdmi output .
    please advise me which lower level hdmi out put card to buy, i am not in to playing games on computer,
    i want to use this computer to watch tv shows and take this signal to main tv.
    An 8400GS will be sufficient an is inexpensive
  4. Thanks,
    will i also need audio cable?
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