I cannot see Drive E: (usually it is Drive E:) anymore on the screen so I am not able to see and open any files of my WD Passport Essential. Please kindly provide with help. Thanks.
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  1. Does it appear in disk manager?
  2. Yes, it appears on the Disk Manager as Work Properly. I tried one of the postings in the internet (going to disk manager and chnage teh Drive letter, but I could not change the letter. In fact, in the "white retangular block", I only had "Properties").
  3. If you can not allocate it with a drive letter I suggest checking it in another computer to see if it works there.
  4. Thank you. I did try it on 4 different computers. Finally on one computer, after a couple of trials, I was able to open (Drive E:), and saw the list of folders and files. But I could open none of them - I could not open the files, and the folders were were all empty. Disk Manager shows that the E: drive has about 80 GB used.
    Now I am trying on another computer, it keeps reading the passport, making clicks, but could not see the drive on the screen. On this new computer, I did see once the Drive E: , but the computer kept reading, reading, for over 1 hour, so I stopped it (by turning off the computer).
  5. Looks like you have a failed drive! There are some free data recovery solutions if you google that possible can recover your data then again there are as well expensive professional data recovery services.
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