My CPU is overshooting my Clock speed?

Hi there! I've got a 3570k and I recently noticed something peculiar. I had a mild overclock at 4.3 GHz, and it always seemed to be at 4.5 GHz. Also, the CPU seemed to always be on turbo mood regardless of whether anything intensive was happening. I checked my Bios and turbo mode was turned on, and it was clocked at 4.3 just like I thought.

With this in mind, I switched everything back to stock settings, and this is what I'm getting:

It's at this speed 24/7 as well. Should I be worried? Everything seems stable enough, but the behavior seems somewhat peculiar.

Motherboard: Asrock Pro3 Z77
CPU: i5-3570k
GPU: 560ti
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  1. I just set it to the 4.0 Ghz preset in my bios, and it seems to be landing on it just fine now:

    But I still have the problem of the CPU not throttling it down when usage is low.
  2. Just did some more testing. I once again put the CPU back on stock settings, and this time I did a stress test. At idle it's sitting at the 3.7-3.8 that I showed in the first post, but when I stress test it, it falls down to a constant 3.6. Any ideas?

    EDIT: Sorry about all the double posting. Probably should have edited :S

    Anyway, I just disabled intel speedstep and it now runs at the target 3.4 constantly now, but it never throttles down.
  3. You need to have speedstep enabled in the bios, this makes the clocks run at 1.6 when not under heavy usage.
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