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This is a quickie. I just built my new rig and used an ssd as my main drive. I did all of the tweaks too and AHCI assignment. When i put the pc to sleep, it did sleep. But wheb i turned it back on it some something about not being able to load the ram image or something. Can ssd's not be put to sleep? The boot time is fast so i dont mind turning it off.
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  1. The Sleep state is, in technospeak, called S3 where the computer suspends to RAM. In other words it suspends all activity and uses RAM to "remember" where it was prior to the sleep state. It then can restore the system completely by merely reading the suspended state from RAM. It should not have any effect on your SSD.

    Hibernation, or S4, uses another method os suspending the system by writing the state to a HDD/SSD file named hiberfil.sys. The system is immediately restored from this hardware file on waking but this restore is a bit slower than restoring from RAM.

    This state should not effect your SSD except in so far as it reads from and rewrites the file hiberfil.sys.

    Both states are safe for SSDs but the S4 state does read from the SSD and doe3s rewrite the hiberfil.sys file every time it hibernates.
  2. Interesting... thanks. But i have 8gb of ram g skill sawtooth ram. Any idea on why it did that then? What sucks is that when it did that i couldnt turn it off... all i had was my background image. I couldnt turn it off, so i had to hold the power button.
  3. i use sleep on my computer all the time and i have an 64 gb crucial m4 ssd with no problems here
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