Did I waste my money?

Hello, I recently put together a budget system for around 300$ Every game I have ran runs very good, crysis runs decent it all was fine enough for me until I installed Battlefield bad company 2 and my framerates wouldn't go any higher then like 20FPS Even on low settings, on high settings it would be like 15fps here is my current system

AMD X2 5600+
9800GT EE
4 hard drives and the rest isnt worth mentioning

I know all those parts are outdated but I really wasn't planning on playing any new games and if I did I didnt expect to be so bad, Anyway would right now be a smart time to build a new system? I was looking at the i5's which look like they have a decent price tag, is there anything that I can do with my system that I have right now to keep it going? My budget range is probably going to be like 400$ excluding hard drives and case but I will need a new psu because this is only 430 watts.

Should I keep what I have and upgrade to a new mobo with sli and psu that can handle it? or would it be best to just get a new system.

I plan to be gaming but with a budget of 400$ if it would really be worth stretching to 500$ then mabey if its worth it I will flip out some extra cash.

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  1. What's your resolution?

    You might not actually need a new PSU. Check out the build below:

    CPU/Mobo: X3 435 and Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3 $148 after rebate
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $115
    GPU: HD 5770 $160 after rebate

    Total: $423.

    Alternatively, you could just spend $400ish on a new PSU and GPU (or less if the resolution is under 1920x1080):

    GPU: HD 5850 $320
    PSU: Corsair 750W 80+ $100 after rebate
  2. My resolution is 1680x1050 dual 22' lcd's, Also I was just thinking, I have 4x1gb ddr2800 sticks of ram that will go to waste if I dont use them, would it be worth it to save 115$ to just get a quad core motherboard that supports ddr2?

    Thanks a ton for your feedback

    Also, id rather spend a bit extra to get a quad core, not tripple.
  3. It's not worth it to go with DDR2 right now. You're locking yourself into a slower, older build that way. I would sell them on Ebay or wherever to fund the new build.

    It's also been shown that having a fourth core to the CPU actually hurts gaming performance. However, if it bugs you that much, you can spend the extra $35 and get this combo with the X4 635. Or try to unlock the fourth core.

    Forgot to ask: I'm assuming that's two 1680x LCDs (total resolution of 3360x1050). In that case, you'd want the 5850 to game at higher resolutions.
  4. Ok thanks, is that true? having a 4th core can slow it down? even with like an i3-5-7 ?

    how much would all this cost after getting a psu?
  5. Well, the i3 is a dual core. And the test assumes that the CPU is otherwise the same and the only change is the fourth core. It was a review here on Tom's. Search "how many cores do you need" to find it.

    If you get the 5770, which will be a lot better than what you have, you wouldn't need a new PSU. The second option already includes the PSU.
  6. What I've seen is benchmarks indicating that the 4th core doesn't offer any additional improvement over 3 cores for most games. Add in a little random noise in the data, and I can easily imagine testing that comes out with a 4-core system coming in a couple fps behind a 3-core system.

    There's no shame in going with 3 cores, and unless you're doing a lot of audio/video editing or something similar in addition to gaming, you'll never know the difference. The AMD x3 processors are the best gaming value on the market right now.
  7. i3 is dual core?? realy?
  8. I doubt my psu can support a 5770, its a thermaltake 430 watt thats proven to be a 355 watt Im running a 9800GT EE right now, i would be suprised to see if it could run anything more

    I would really like to use what I have now if it would be worth it to mabey get a new motherboard that can support this cpu and ram, then when I get more money upgrade the cpu and stick with this ram for a few more years, I dont need tip top performance, just something to keep me going.

    I would like to get a new video card if that would help me out, I would need to end up getting a new psu though :X
  9. Yes, the i3 is a dual core. It's got hyperthreading so it can fake being a quad. For record, so are the i5s, with the i5-750 being an exception.

    The 5770 draws very little power. I'm 99.9999% sure it can handle it.
  10. I did aton of research in here, u can see my other posts with a lot of people saying that this 9800GT might be pushing it for this psu, if so im gona be sad cuz I wasted 120 on this card when I could have gotten better

    if thats true im angry :X
  11. Uh, you realy don't need a new build on a 400$-500$ budget. Honestly, if it were me, and i had 500$ to spend on making that build better, here's what i do: The 5870 is the GPU. The OCZ 700W psu should handle that. The Hyper 212 is so you can OC the heck out your CPU, to avoid BC2 from bieng CPU bound with a 5870.
  12. I know it's true that the 5xxx series uses a lot less power. If you had bought an older card series, that would be true.

    To make sure, use this PSU wattage calculator. It will tell you exactly how much power you need.

    @bob: Except your trading one medium to low quality PSU for another medium to low quality PSU. And you're not under $500 if you can absolutely count on the rebate, which you can't. Of course, the OP could spend $400 on a 5850 and a high quality PSU (like I said above)...
  13. Right now I have a inspiron 531s motherboard, I took this motherboard out of an old computer, slapped it in this case and purchased everything else for really cheap, this motherboard will not overclock, That isn't a bad idea though, wouldn't that gpu be bottlenecked by that cpu, I just really want to be able to play future games for as cheap as possible.
  14. Uh, Modern CPU bottlenecks outide of the low end arn't much of a factor, but that might just cripple a 5870.
  15. CPUs are never the bottleneck in systems that are somewhat current. Any benchmarks you might see comparing gaming performance of CPUs are reached through artificially handicapping the system to make the differences stand out.
  16. Not "any". Some. tom's did a nice bench showing the real effects a while ago.
  17. Semantics police ftw.
  18. Interesting, today is my birthday I am ready to order some parts, I gotta figure out what to do lol, I just wanna be able to play battlefield bad company 2 and future games. Would it be a bad idea to get a decent quad core and motherboard with sli because I have a spare radeon 4650 low profile that I might be able to run sli with this card, if not then mabey I could get all new parts except video card which I will save up to get a high end one, but do u think I would be able to run a radeon 4650 + 9800GT EE ?
  19. Uh, Nvidia card and ATI card in SLI? What? You need a 300$ Hybrid mobo for that.

    Just get a new PSU and GPU.

    What MAd said. The 5870 i linked is a great deal. His PSU's are noramlly good.
  20. What would be the cheapest way for me to be able to play battlefield bad company 2? a bunch of my friends are playing it and I really want to join them, with my current system I am only able to get 20fps with it, I have tried messing around with the game settings, drivers, switching direct x versions, etc. I thought my computer would be able to run it decently, should I get a new psu and video card? that way when I want to upgrade all I will need to get is a motherboard cpu and ram, would that be a good idea? that way mabey I can save up more money and go all out
  21. New PSU and Vid card. Honestly, you won't get any preformance boosts from a new mobo and ram. If anything, a New CPU, but event hat isn't signifagnt.

    the 2 most important things in todays games is the GPU, and the PSU that can handle it. Pretty much any dual core chip won't bottleneck to much.

    Edit: What's you're Steam? Mine's Nukeadayftw254
  22. I'm pretty sure the 5770 only takes ~125W on full load and ~25W on idle.
  23. My steam is , So should I go pick up a new video card? Is there a nvidia card thats equal to the 5770 that needs around the same power? I like nvidia because of phys-x I know its not going to matter much in the future, its just that I have always had bad luck with ati and most of my cards have been ati lol, I love nvidia

    There is a best buy 10-15 minutes away from my house I wanna run and pick up a card, im excited now, I wanna see if there is a card better then a 9800GT EE that my psu can handle

    oh and one more thing, my video card is a 430Watt thermaltake with only a 16 or 18A 12v rail.... it's also been proven that it only has 355 watts and it was false advertising..

    Also I have read that the 5770 requires newer motherboards, mine is a X2 motherboard back from like 2007, I was just reading this article.

    "Some older motherboards require a BIOS update to work with the new PCIE 2.1 cards. The problem that we have seen is that because many of these boards are older the manufacturer of the motherboard had dropped support for them before ever updating to include support for these upcoming features. Check your motherboard manufacturer’s website for the latest BIOS update available for your motherboard. If you still do not get display from the card after updating than this card will not work with your motherboard. You would need a newer motherboard to have support for its features. These cards will work with basically any motherboard currently being sold. If you prefer to stay with your current system then I would recommend a PCIE 2.0 card like the ATI 4000 series cards. Thank you.

    Updated the BIOS as suggested and still get the black screen. My PC is only 3 years old, so be careful." "
  24. Here is the 5770 I could pick up

    if its like 10-20$ more then newegg it will not be a issue because I dont have a credit card ATM plus I will be able to use it on my birthday :D
  25. Also :

    "What's great about it: It's DX 11 compatible
    What's not so great: It only has a 128-bit interface

    "I have seen and heard many positive things about the 5770. On paper everything looks amazing and it should be the top contender.
    The only problem is that, even with advanced architecture and DDR5 memory, a 128-bit interface/pipeline can only do so much.
    The GTX 260 has a 448-bit path to parlay it's data and play the fetch game.
    There is no way on this planet you will ever convince me that everything surrounding a small bit path will force the data to move quicker through it. Once a bottleneck... always a bottleneck.
    128-bit paths are a thing of the past.
    They should be widening paths for data traffic, not closing them." "
  26. Still, 5770>GTX 260 at 50$ less, and Dx 11/Eyefinty in the bargin. Also, don't buy a 5770, buy a 5870. Way worth it.
  27. yea but my power supply is only a 355 watt desguised as a 430 watt by thermaltake, what kind of psu would I need to run a 5870? I am glad to know that upgrading my cpu and ram wouldnt make as much difference so I guess ill just get a new video card and in a few years just get a new cpu and ram
    that 5870 is wayy too expensive id rather get a i7 lol
  28. Huh, you only need at most a 600W PSU, but i would recomend since you might be buying a new one, getting a 850W. It's overkill, but you can carry it on to a new build/keep xfire upgrade path open so it's worth it in the end.
  29. So 500W, at the least for safe usage.

    TI Radeon™ HD 5870 System Requirements

    PCI Express® based PC is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard
    500 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended (600 Watt and four 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)
    Certified power supplies are recommended. Refer to for a list of Certified products
    Minimum 1GB of system memory
    Installation software requires CD-ROM drive
    DVD playback requires DVD drive
    Blu-ray™ playback requires Blu-ray drive
    For an ATI CrossFireX™ system, a second ATI Radeon™ HD 5870 graphics card, an ATI CrossFireX Ready motherboard and one ATI CrossFireX Bridge Interconnect cable per graphics card (included) are required
    ATI Radeon™ HD graphics chips have numerous features integrated into the processor itself (e.g., HDCP, HDMI, etc.). Third parties manufacturing products based on, or incorporating ATI Radeon HD graphics chips, may choose to enable some or all of these features. If a particular feature is important to you, please inquire of the manufacturer if a particular product supports this feature. In addition, some features or technologies may require you to purchase additional components in order to make full use of them (e.g. a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD drive, HDCP-ready monitor, etc.).
  30. Madadrimal was saying that I could run the 5770 with my current psu (which is brand new) What I would like to do is be able to run some of the newer games for as cheap as possible, i dont need to have the top of the line, Just something to be able to run all the new games, something to hold me up for a year or so when i can upgrade my cpu and ram
  31. vexun11 said:
    someone madadrimal was saying that I could run the 5770 with my current psu (which is brand new)

    yeh, you prolly could. Still, it might be time to consider a new PSU. You could get better efficancy, etc, and you will need to upgrade it later anyways, when you xfire/new build.
  32. Ok, So I will get a new video card and psu but with new games like bad company 2 they really require a much better cpu then a 5600+ don't they? It seems like it would be better if I got a higher end cpu and ram it would be better doing that then just getting a new video card for this system
  33. I found this really good deal, if its worth it Ill just do this now and order the cpu mobo and ram next year if this wont bottleneck my cpu,,

    Is this a good deal?
  34. vexun11 said:
    Ok, So I will get a new video card and psu but with new games like bad company 2 they really require a much better cpu then a 5600+ don't they? It seems like it would be better if I got a higher end cpu and ram it would be better doing that then just getting a new video card for this system

    No not really. Your CPU i still pretty decent. Most games require a good Graphics card compared to a good CPU.
  35. Thank you for saying that truhls, lol your the first person who has respected my cpu lol, plus I paid under 50$ for it.

    wouldnt the cpu atleast a little bick make that video card cold back even a little bit? or would the card run with as much power as it would with a quad core
  36. vexun11 said:
    Thank you for saying that truhls, lol your the first person who has respected my cpu lol, plus I paid under 50$ for it.

    wouldnt the cpu atleast a little bick make that video card cold back even a little bit? or would the card run with as much power as it would with a quad core

    On a 5770, probably not much if at all.
  37. Don't get a 5770. Go for the 5870. Also, CPu is fine for now.
  38. If OP had budget for the 5870, that would be great, but he doesn't. The OP would need a new PSU with the GPU if he goes over the 5770.

    The very best GPU the OP could get with a quality PSU and still be under budget is the 5850 (my first post). Or OP could get a new CPU, new motherboard, new RAM and a great GPU...
  39. builderbobftw said:
    Don't get a 5770. Go for the 5870.

    vexun11 said:
    that 5870 is wayy too expensive

    He doesn't have the budget for a 5870.
  40. Well, I don't like people buying incremental upgrades. It just sort of feels like a waste. I mean, Hh wouldn't see as much of a boost per dollar from buying a 5770 over his 9800GT as he would buying a 5870/5850, wich is miles faster than his 9800GT.
  41. I would agree with you if the budget allowed for a 5870. It obviously doesn't, so it doesn't really matter.

    I wouldn't try to gimp along on that POS PSU. The only 430W Thermaltake PSU I'm aware of isn't worth the price of the box it's packaged in. If it's this one, it doesn't have active PFC, only has about 65% efficiency, and puts out more power on the 3.3v and 5v rails than it does on the 12v rail. That's a ticking timebomb no matter what GPU it's paired up with.
  42. The 5770 is much, much faster than the 9800 GT. Do you even look at benchmarks? How about prices?

    The 5850 gives about a 50% performance gain over a 5770, but at a 100% price increase. That's a 0.5% performance gain per $1 (which is very good). The 5770 has a 100% performance gain over the 9800 GT, for a 60% price increase (3.33% performance gain per $1).

    Looks to me (and any sane person) that the 5770 is a better performance/price buy, especially since the OP can also upgrade his CPU, mobo and RAM.
  43. Cpu, Mobo and RAM doens't do much for gaming. better of with a better GPU.
  44. That's true, but it makes the build current. Instead of facing a massive upgrade cost later on, the OP can spend a little here and a little there to keep the system at a high level of performance for a long time.
  45. Wow you all are awesome, I am getting a lot of help, thats the hard choice im going to have to make is whether I should buy new gpu, or new cpu/motherboard/ram . I have seen some system recommendations with newer games coming out where it recommends having a quad core cpu, that's what made me wonder which upgrade I should make first.
  46. Here's a vote for new GPU. And preferably one faster than the 5770.
  47. Would it be a good idea to just get a 5770 and new psu, that way when I upgrade mobo ram and cpu I will be able to run 2 5770's?
  48. You could also get a PSU on the $500 budget. Corsair 650W $75 after rebate.

    You don't have to get an 890 board. The only benefit of the boards is that AMD has guaranteed they will support six core CPUs. The lower builds will likely also do that, but might require a BIOS upgrade. You really don't need a six core CPU...
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