New fan for EVGA cooler

Howdy all. I'm looking for a good replacement fan that came with my EVGA superclock cpu cooler since it is so frackin loud.

The red led fan currently outputs 84ish cfm at 41-42 db and I cannot stand it. When my 8120 jumps a bit in temp from time to time the fan spins up and down. Which needless to say bugs me.

Any suggestions for a replacement fan that is quieter but does not sacrifice performance too much/at all. Thanks guys!

edit: Needs to fit on wire clips preferably. And do those 4 corner non square 120mm fans work with the wire clips that come with the cooler?

For reference.
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  1. Turn the fan down....

    Unless, of course you want to buy the Noctua NF-F12 PWM!
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