AMD 955 BE drivers?

So I got my AMD 955 BE today and it says that I should download the latest drivers. How would you go about installing drivers for a processor? I've never done that before. I had to flash my motherboard's bios so it would be compatible with an AM3 processor, but didn't know I would need drivers as well. The mobo is an Asus M3A32MVP-DELUXE.
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    Well windows should automatically update its driver with the new processor. Did you make sure windows is seeing your processor right? Open up task manager do you see 4 CPU graphs you can also check with CPU-Z from it should say the processors name and at the bottom should say 4 cores 4 threads.

    What version of windows you running?
  2. Just go to asus’s site and download the newest drivers for your system.

    The bios update is what made the motherboard recognize the chip. The drivers will make it so the asus software that is dependent on the cpu will know what chip it is.
  3. I'm currently running Vista Home Premium 64 bit. The bios recognizes it as well as task manager showing activity on all 4 cores.
  4. Then you should be good to go.
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