Intel Atom and the VIA Nano products

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First of all I am her for the first time and I come up here looking for some answer, currently I am doing course on microcomputer which that I struggles and work hard to understand the concept if you can help me on this topic I will be grateful as the thread above I want to gather information ( Intel Atom and the VIA Nano products) nevertheless I want to know also history, power performance, power consumption, power efficiency, speed, family and visually size beside that should information’s the key attributes of these handheld devices and their influence on the organisation and design of the microprocessor itself. Also the performance limitations presented by conventional microprocessor design. The information’s should clearly identify, evaluate and compare the most significant developments evidenced in the new Intel ‘Atom’ and the VIA ‘Nano’ products.
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    You can google, visit hardware sites,use wikipedia and manufacturers website's! The information you are asking for is to much to post here!
  2. Hey there thanks you a lot for your reply but spent many hour that looking for that topic and still do not have enough information’s if anyone can help by but link website please :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello:
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