Sapphire Vs. Asus

Hi all,

Im planning on buying the HD5850,
and the Asus one is a bit more expensive,
are there any significant differences between them both?
and what is the recommended one of those?

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  1. The ASUS one allows for Overclocking and even has a voltage tweak program to encourage overclocking and it is all covered under their 3-year warranty.

    I usually buy Sapphire cards as Sapphire is a great vendor, but this time around, i went with ASUS and i am VERY happy i did.
  2. Both brands are really good ones.

    Sapphire usually likes to give a little love HSF wise and Asus app wise. Both are very good all around, so get the cheaper one IMO. Tweaking tools are very universal among a line of cards, but Asus has his own tools, btw.

  3. I suppose another fact to consider would also be aftersales support. Depending on where you are in the world, after sales could be instant to non-existent. You'd have to check with local retailers/distributors for that though. And it's also brand loyalty at the end of the day. I've got Sapphire stickers all around the house =)
  4. Ive allways gone with sapphire and I did with my 5870, still have no problems. Realistically you cant go wrong with either.
  5. Both are very good brands.

    I would have gone with the cheaper one.
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