Difference between CM690 II Avanced model and Basic model?

I am buying a new case, and newegg has both the CM 690 II Advanced and CM 690 II basic models for sale. The basic model, accounting for shipping and main in rebates, is $30 cheaper than the advanced model. I was wondering if anyone was aware of any significant differences between the two models that would warrant spending an extra $30 on the advanced.

From what I was able to learn, the advanced model has an external HDD dock, an optional GPU retention bracket for supporting heavy video cards in SLI / XFire, and some bay conversion brackets for turning 5.25" bays into 3.5" ones. I don't mess with HDDs enough to justify spending $30 for the external HDD dock, and couldn't I buy conversion and support brackets if and when I needed them? If anyone knows any other differences I would appreciate the information.

CM 690 II Advanced:

Cm 690 II Basic:

Also I was hoping, regardless of which one I choose, to hook up a fan controller to the case. How are the stock fans that come with the CM 690 II and are they able to be hooked up to a fan controller?

Thanks for the help,

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    Check this link:

    Yes the fans will work with a controller!

    Good luck!

    P.S I dont know what the original site of that picture is.
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  3. Thanks a ton dude, exactly what I needed to know, really appreciate it.
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