Overclocking an E7500

Hello everyone,

First of all, i'm excited to make my first post on the forums. :)

Second, i would like you to help me overclock my system, to get the max out of it.

here's my spec:

CPU Core2Duo E7500 2.93ghz
Cooler stock (will be changed with Cooler Thermalright True Spirit 90 tomorrow)
MOBO Gigabyte G41-MT-S2P rev 1.3
2x4GB DDR3 1333
Sursa InterTech Compat Power 650W
GPU HD5770
Carcasa no-name
Win7 64bit

After many searches on the forums, i've decided to overclock my system. But i've also read that my MOBO doesnt support more than 343 mhz on the fsb. Honestly i do not know much about overclock, this is why i'm asking you to help me. My cpu is currently at 10x296mhz, 40degrees idle and 63-65 full load. Is it possible to get somewhere around 3.6ghz ?

Also, about voltages, about 2 weeks ago i changed my vcore from bios to 1volt, and then the idle temp was 28 degrees, and full load 48-50. after 2 days i installed the mobo's software (easysaver and easytune) and the vcore changed automatically to 1.25v and i cannot change it back, even if i set it from bios ! i uninstalled the software thinking "goddamnit how stupid am i to fix something that it isn't broken" but the vcore is still blocked at 1.25v, and the temperatures are 45 degrees idle, 65-68 full load.

Please give me some useful advice on how to manage overclocking and voltages on my system.

Thank you!
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