H80 pump speed regulation

Hello all.
So i have this fine Corsair H80 in my build, and i makes the rattling noise that some of you probaly know and hate. So i have read a lot on the webs to see what solutions there is, RMA is on ofcourse, but the price for sending it to Corsair is more than a brand new unit, not Corsairs fault, but seems stupid in my eyes.
I've read that people either daisychain cables to lower volts, or make a cable with a diode.
My question is, i use a Fractal Design Define R4, which has a build in regulator that atm runs my 3 case fans, would i be able to just plug the pump power cable into my fan controller which runs my fans on 7v atm, and more important do you guys think it would work? Just don't want to kill anything by testing, since my wallet would kill me in my sleep then.
Hoping there is some bright and helpfull people that can give some inputs.
As an info is temps not the biggest problems, my i5-3550k is only hitting 58 celsius while running Prime95, not oc'ed but don't have the needs for it atm, so that will be when it actually needs it.

Muddy out.
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  1. Corsair has an add-on firmware regulator for the H80. It is pricy. As long as you have a voltage compatible regulator it should work, but there are no guarantees.

    Too bad that you didn't get the Antec H20 920 because it has a software controller for the pump.
  2. i had that noise and solved my problem by installing the pump with the tubes at the bottom and the radiator with the tubes at the bottom
    mostly when i googled the problem the answer was always the tubes of the radiator at the bottom but never said to keep the pump end at the bottom too and any videos i seen on youtube had the tubes of the pump at the top but like you said try sit in a room with that noise for more than 5 mins and you would be drove mad
  3. Chesteracorgi: Yeah, kinda regret that i didn't do my researh good enough on this point in my systembuild, because as you say the Corsair Link unit is pretty pricy just for removing that noise.

    Kiezz: Will keep that in mind for when i start my troubleshooting :)

    Well when i get a day without work i will try putting the pump on my fan controller and see if that fix the problem, and if that doesn't work i will try the rotating tip, even tho that will be a last resort since iam really picky about how my system looks, and by rotating the pump i will also rotate the logo, which would burn in my eyes everytime i look at it, but thanks a lot for the tips, will see how it all works out, or if i will be pissed off enough to buy a all new cooling unit, then i will try checking out that Antec H20 :)

    Muddy out.
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