350W and Radeon 5770

I posted this under the HP section:

So at hp's site:

http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc [...] R1002_USEN

they show the configurable options available to this particular machine. The power supply is fixed at 350 W, and probably a generic stock psu at that. If you go to graphics, you will see the option of a radeon hd4850.

Can anyone with this machine confirm that they have a hp branded 350W psu with the 4850 card? I'm just curious because I never imagined that a generic 350W psu would be ample for a 4850 card.. I want to know since hp may ship me this unit, and I want to upgrade it to a 5770 (the particular configurable model has no video card) which has less power draw than the 4850.
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