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OK, i had another thread open which can be deleted becuz i just got a hold of a rep and they said its a dell 280 not 270 im think big difference to a certain extent because it has a pci-e slot which is so much better (yes for gaming) but i also want suggestions for what kind of video card (im also assuming imma need a new psu to handle the best card) and chipset as well would be best for maxing out the the dell 280 p4(2.8ghz) as well where i can get them at. well its my first little project and got the computer for not a bad price

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  1. good to hear from u again and thx for the input im waiting for the computer so i will call bout the power supply when received i also no that i have a max of 4gb of ram but thx for the extra detail. now im lookin at this "hyper-threading" option and wonder if all dell 280 model support this feature or will i have to get a chip set that is compatible?

    once again thx for ur time and input it is dearly appreciated
  2. p.s. Im trying to run the computer good enough to play top fps and high settings if thats possbile (let me know if im wasting time)
  3. ok mental i am going to run a clean install of windows 7 (eqiupped with xp) and im glad u reminded me of the 32 bit version since all the computers i touched is 32 bit. i also understand when u said the 3.4intel ht but i wanted to know if it comes just as stock

    Once again thank u for ur time and input
  4. Quote:
    comes like stock.?
    you'd probably have to order that chip as upgrade.
    i can't just tell you your wasting you time but to make it worth having any shot to game optimally, any shot,
    then your gonna have to spend money so it might not be worth it.
    might be fun as hell, but not worth it...

    ok ..... sorry for confusion i mean does the dell i have being a 2.8 ghz have hyperthreading or does it just come the 3.4 as u had stated?

    if it doesnt come with any dell 280 stock models can i just buy the processor chip (intel 3.4HT) an install it into the board OR will i have to purchase it?
  5. Quote:
    i'm thinking that yours is coming with the 2.8 p4 ht.
    i was referring to the fact it's easy to get a 3.4 p4 ht; you can find slightly faster but they are harder to find..

    ok....... do i need a new board or just replace the chip?
  6. o ok well thats good news. now what do u think of this memory card?
  7. ok is this the chip i wood use to upgrade the processor?
  8. Before you get all gung-ho i would take a close look at all the capacitors on the mobo.
    The Dell GX 270/280's are notorious for bad caps.
    Good news is the caps are cheap and easy to fix if your soldering skills are decent.
  9. i heard they were bad for the 270 but didnt no for the 280 but still was just inquiring if this would be the chip for it
  10. Quote:
    good god no man...!
    that's a xeon chip.
    never ever will that work.
    Prescott class is what you looking for:
    Prescott (90 nm)

    * All models support: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, Hyper-Threading
    * Intel 64: supported by F-series, 5x1, 517, 524
    * XD bit (an NX bit implementation): supported by 5x0J, 5x1, 517, 524
    * Model SL7E4 has an unattached fan heatsink.

    and / or

    Prescott 2M (90 nm)

    * All models support: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, Hyper-Threading, Intel 64, XD bit (an NX bit implementation)
    * Intel VT-x supported by: 6x2 e.g. Model 662 and 672
    * Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST) supported by: all except 620.
    * Intel Family 15 Model 4
    * Steppings: N0, R0

    Ok well lol thx.......... uhm i wish there was a link to see what boards go to what or what chips are compatible for certain models
  11. ok thx for the link i checked it out now question is because i never did installations for cpu, is there any accessories/necessites i need to get like fan,etc. and is it hard to install sorry for the ignorance just dont wanna waste money and lookin to increase my knowledge the dropout way lol
  12. Quote:
    you can use your original hardware, all you need is fresh thermal compound to apply to the cpu/heatsink.
    a good cleaning but since it's new it probably doesn't need it..

    O oK thanks
  13. ok...... i been lookin into some the graphics deciding whch one imma go with (ati 4670,5670, or 5750) only thing i need to know is if the stock power supply is going to hold any of these cards or which ones is goin to need a better psu
  14. ok... i just received the pc yesturday an the specs are 3.4ht which was differ. from wat was listed on ebay ram is rated at 504 but its 512 (2 128mb chips)
  15. i called dell like u said an they said i have a 250 watt psu so im thinking a video card nomore then 300 which sucks and they said the most it can handle is 305 watt is this true?
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