Asus P6T Deluxe v2 - cant get in to RAID BIOS

So I've set the SATA mode to RAID. Everything as far as that goes fine.

I checked my manual and it says to press CTRL+I during post, but irrelevant of how many times I press it, it never goes in to the Intel Storage Manager. Is there some trick with this board I'm not getting? Do I have to press it at a specific time or any time during POST?

On my old Gigabyte board it'd come up 'searching for devices' and gave me heaps of time to press the hotkey.

It is opearting as RAID, and the Windows 7 installer picks up the drive volumes, and the bios has an option to boot from the "RAID" as apposed to "Hard Disc" etc (which is only a single hard disc for the moment, since my actual RAID drive collection should turn up today).
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  1. Just after I post this, I found a comment that implied at least two drives need to be connected. Will see how it goes when the additional drives are added.

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 500G were so cheap here that I decided to buy 4 of them for a shortstroked RAID0.
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