Powercolor 5770 PCS+ CCC Problems

Using the latest CCC i put it on auto tune. Which of course hanged over night.

It raised the clocks to the maximum for this card which is 960 GPU and 1500+ for VRAM i used the test custom clocks and it failed so i lowered to 950 and it passed.

I placed the fan at 100% which doesn't even sound that loud. and began playing stalker cop.

the screen would black out every now and then and i say alot of graphics errors in the game like bodys limps strecthing out and joining the landscape and texture errors.

i was just wondering what is the best program to stress test a GPU as when i get a chance i want to spend the day overclocker the card to get the most performance out of it.

I have also placed some ZALMAN VRAM HEATSINKS on the under side of the PCB on the chip locations. hopefully this will help the cooling a little more. I have good airflow in my case and the most heat ive seen come out of the card according to CCC is about 40C. so its deffo not over heating.

Any help would be top notch. Thanks
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  1. Furmark will tell you if your card is stable or not, it is a harsh program and stresses you card more than any game would, remember to monitor your temps with GPU-Z

    I found the AutoTune to be absolutely rubbish, best off testing your cards limits yourself.
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