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Hey, I have a D-Link DIR-655 router, and it decides to randomly stop working. Like no internet, no sharing, al this stuff stops. It's hardwired to the cable modem, my PC, my Xbox 360, and my PS3, while it's wireless to my laptop, printer, and my iPhone. When this happens, the lights display as though everything is fine, there's activity and everything. But the problem is internet is down on my computers and iPhone, and file transferring is down between everything. The strangest thing is that even though video streaming stops to both the PS3 and Xbox, both of them can connect to their respective internet services seamlessly. But all other devices cease to work on the internet EXCEPT internet browsing works on the laptop and PC (but not the iPhone). All other programs stop using internet. The only solution is to restart the router.
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  1. Check for any firmware updates.
    Try repowering the modem one time and see if that brings it back. Could be a flacky modem also. Sometimes weird things can happen.
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