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Hello everyone,

My gaming rig has worked fine for just over 3 years, but 2 weeks ago the power started stuttering during boot; all case lights are flickering and I can hear the fans, HDD and dvd driver having a hard time as well, accompanied by the eerie sound of electricity jumping.

Strange thing is, after about 20-30 seconds the thing quiets down and boots normally (although quite slow).

I kinda hope not to have to buy a new power supply 'cause the heavier ones are quite expensive.
A simple fix with a hammer would be preferable, but I somehow doubt that will work.

(On a side note, resetting my modem from the browser causes the pc to crash....)

Please help me.... :(
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  1. Post your full system specs please. Also go through the steps of the boot checklist, it might help to identify your issue.
  2. yeah full specs plz and what psu do u have? and what modem? thanks!
  3. Ya untill you give a clear description about your system we will be not able give you the correct suggestion.
  4. I'm at the office now, so I can't see the detailed specs, but this is what I got from an old order form and my memory:

    -P5W64 WS Pro
    -GameXStream 700W
    -Core2 Duo E6700
    -4GB Corsair DDR2 1066
    -Nvidia 9800GTX
    -Windows Vista Ultimate 32b
    -Modem: Zyxel Multi-PC + WiFi

    Hope it's usefull...
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