Building a Gaming Computer $700-800ish Help Please :D

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: ASAP my old Computer died I need a new, reliable and fairly fast gaming computer. As soon as you can help me i can start buying parts. :D

BUDGET RANGE: 700 – 800 After Rebates


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Power Supply: 500W Turbolink ATX 2.03 Version, Mouse Logitech mx518, Monitor,

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: is Preferred ive always had good business in the past but im open to suggestions

PARTS PREFERENCES: i3 or i5 series intel processor, Nvidia or ATI Video Card if price is right (I had the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 since it came out and that was one hell of a card so i am really partial to that brand). The rest really doesn’t matter to me as long as it is reliable.

OVERCLOCKING: unless someone can teach me, no.



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Need Windows 7. Case doesn’t need to be flashy or anything just so it is properly cooled and everything fits in there nicely. Need a wireless card and a wireless router if u can add that on there too. TBH im a noob when it comes to building computers and all of that so this is why I ask for help I found out about this site from a friend and thought it might be a nice place to ask. I really only play.
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  1. So all you are doing is gaming right? and maybe web surfing, email, office apps?

    If that's it, you would be better off going with an AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE. This is coming from someone who would prefer the i5-750, but if all you are doing is gaming, you would be better off putting the extra fifty bucks towards a better gpu.

    I don't know anything about that power supply, so I would definitely recommend replacing it if you are trying to build a reliable system. Something along the lines of a Corsair 650TX would be good (but maybe overkill) , although last I checked the Corsair 750TX was cheaper than the 650TX. You could probably also go with a cheaper OCZ psu and save some money there.

    The good thing about the AMD processor is that it's a Black Edition, making it a cinch to overclock. I would just recommend getting a decent aftermarket aircooler.

    As far as video cards go, you would be better off going with ATI this time around. Nvidia just doesn't have the best cards for the money right now. This is once again coming from someone who thought Nvidia was "elite" only a year ago. For a resolution like 1280x1024, an HD 5770 would easily be able to handle that I would say.

    What about the hard drive and cd drive? are those salvageable from your old pc?

    Windows 7 home premium 64-bit would be the OS to go with.

    Any of these cases would probably be fine.

    I don't know if these will fit into your budget, because i don't know too much about the prices of routers/wireless cards. I also don't know if there is anything else salvageable from your pc. Depending on those factors, you might want to look at a triple-core Phenom II instead of the quad, and maybe something a bit weaker in terms of graphics, but hopefully not too much.

    I'll let some other people chime in here.
  2. swifty's build looks pretty good. It will definitely pack a punch for a "small" system.

    I might change the mobo though. Is there another microATX board without the onboard video? I just wouldn't want to pay for features I wouldn't be using, but if there is nothing cheaper/better then that is probably your best bet.
  3. I would get one of these RAM kits...

    They are cheaper and have lower latencies. When in doubt, get the RAM with a low price, good reviews, and lower latencies. Raw speed is not as important IMO.

    That's the triple core Phenom II Black Edition. You won't see a difference between three and four cores while gaming, plus there is a chance you could unlock the fourth core.

    It's an OEM product instead of retail, so it's not going to come with a cooler. This makes the product cheaper, and allows you to put that money towards a cooler that you actually want. Like the one below:

    If you can skimp out on the storage, get a smaller HD and save twenty bucks.

    I have been hearing that the seagates are now better than the western digitals. I always thought it was the other way around, so someone feel free to correct me...

    That's all i have for now.
  5. If you chose one of the cases I picked out for you, I would get this mobo:

    For me personally, I would go with a midtower case and standard ATX mobo instead of a microATX size. I just prefer it to be a bit more roomy. The midtower is also the "standard" size for gamers. But if you like the smaller size, then swifty's original build has a good case/mobo.

    Now seriously, this is all I have for now lol.
  6. Here is my build I would recommend:

    Case ($70 - $10MIR):
    The case looks awesome and and cools great! I chose this case because it is a big more expensive than the case that was recommended above but it has free shipping. The other case had $18 shipping so overall your actually saving $20 after MIR with this case.

    Hard Drive ($55):
    Highly recommended hard drive for gaming builds.

    Mobo ($95, $10 MIR):
    Got this motherboard because you wont worry about crossfiring, it has SATA 6Gb/s and 3.0 USBs which will come in handy later.

    RAM ($103):
    Very trusty ram, great for the price but you can also use some of texas' RAMs he listed.

    CPU/GPU ($450):
    Pretty much the best AMD processor besides the 965, but it does have an L3 cache and is very overclockable but your not interested in that. The graphics card is amazing and is already overclocked for you so you dont need any tweaking for it and it has DX11 and will handle any game at MAX setting with a 1920x1080 monitor.

    PSU/DVD burner ($73, $25MIR):
    Very cheap PSU and should handle a single 5850 graphics card. I chose that DVD burner because its the cheapest non OEM driver. OEM burners dont have the cables or the software so thats just more money later.

    Total $846 - $45MIR = $801
    This build is a little bit more but is worth it with the MailInRebates and the shipping is much cheaper than the previous build. This build is only $6 to ship instead of the $20 plus which you add to the first build is $845. So with a better case, graphics card, RAM, motherboard, dvd burner for the same price with the potiental of MIRs. ENJOY :)
  7. Haha good call texas, I just put that mobo in my build for him. haha I was typing up my build as you posted it up. Good work, we are on the same page. lol
  8. Alright, so now I'm tallying up the total for what I presently recommend...

    5770 video card $160

    CM case $50

    Kingston RAM $97

    Phenom II X3 $105

    Gigabyte mobo $85

    CM cpu cooler $35

    Seagate HDD $55

    Lite-on DVD Drive $26

    Corsair PSU $40

    Win 7 HP 64-bit $105

    TOTAL= $758 after MIR (plus some shipping)

    This includes the OS, and leaves you a little extra cash for your wireless card and router that you wanted. This also includes a good aftermarket cooler for the cpu so that you can overclock it and keep your temps down. The fact that the processor is a black edition will make getting extra value from your system a breeze (and free).

    Now if you wanted to spend a bit more, I would definitely go with squirrels build. There are some better components in there, mainly the cpu and gpu. However, if I am correct in assuming that you are ONLY going to be gaming on this machine, then I think the triple-core Phenom and 5770 would be more than sufficient for all of your gaming needs, especially at 1280x1024 resolution.

    If you had thoughts of upgrading your monitor to a resolution of 1920x1080 you would probably want to spend the extra dough on a 5850.

    If you had thoughts of video encoding or other multi-threaded and processor intensive tasks, then you might want to get the more expensive quad core.

    In any case, you can't go wrong with any of the builds listed above. As far as the cases go, its more of a personal choice. And you have to figure out for yourself how much you really want to spend and what you will be using this computer for.

    good luck man
  9. I completely forgot about the OS. Haha, I would go with Texas' build, it has a good cpu and gpu that is sufficient enough to game at higher to medium qualities. It has the OS you need and has some left over cash for that wireless router. Nice work Texas.
  10. Now that I look at the 5770, you might want to beef up your PSU just a tad. Most of the 5770's don't show a minimum PSU, but I did see a model that said a minimum of 450 watts...

    There's currently a really good rebate for this one, and it wouldn't change the total price either.

    OCZ 500 $40
  11. squirrel15 said:
    I completely forgot about the OS. Haha, I would go with Texas' build, it has a good cpu and gpu that is sufficient enough to game at higher to medium qualities. It has the OS you need and has some left over cash for that wireless router. Nice work Texas.

    thanks man. I really should be studying though...

    Forum posting > studying for 3 midterms. I should probably fix that pretty soon :)
  12. Me too, for some reason this forum posting stuff is kind of addicting. lol Who would have known! I got midterms right around the corner so i need to cut back. lol
  13. you guys are all awesome. Ty so much for the quick reply and great help you have given me. Time to start ordering parts. Thanks again to all of you that have helped me and GL w/ your midterms Texas i know i should be studying too.
  14. Haha no problem. Enjoy your new computer!
  15. Enjoy the new computer and hope for no DOA's! Good luck.
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