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I recently purchased an Intel D865PERL motherboard and I cannot get the 10/100/1000 network adapter installed.

When I first installed XP it's hardware wizard saw a 10/100 but not a 10/100/1000. I pointed XP at all the 10/100/1000 drivers I am able to find on Intel's website when searching by D865PERL or 82547EI which is the network adapted chip Intel has repeatedly indicated is on the D865PERL in several publications it has printed to include the retail pamphlet, users guild and technical specifications but I am not able to get XP to accept any of those drivers as drivers that operate hardware on my computer.

Your help would be appreciated
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  1. Is the gigabit controller enabled in BIOS? If enabled should show up with problem (yellow exclamation mark) in device manager.
  2. Thanks for your help. I only found 2 setting in the BIOS related to the network adapter. One is PXE boot to LAN, I am not sure what it does and the other setting is wake on LAN over in the power managent section.
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