Move io ports?

I am bulding a system that requires relocation of all hookups (dvi/vga,usb,sound,etc basaicaly everything on the back of a normal computer) are there any adapters available with cabling under say 1 foot that would allow me to make my own mount for all of this in a different location or orientation? i can make the plate to house everything but i need stuff like mountable female to make dvi cables and stuff. so basicaly it would look like the back of the computer normaly would but in a different spot. thanks!
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  1. Sorry for double thread guys i posted this in the ask question thing on the homepage and it said it was a flood message and couldnt go through or something.. so i posted it normaly and now ive asked the question twice. if i can delete one or if anyone knows how i can delete one do it or let me know!
  2. - have most of the Male to female cables that you are after you can then go from there

    Hope that helps
  3. HOLY CRAP! that looks like EXACTLY what i need THANKS!
  4. Yeah I solved a problem finally!
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