Ulv 723 vs atom Z530

hi there.i would like some help deciding between the MSI X320 with an atom Z530, or the X340 sporting a Celeron M ulv 723.
i do a bit of laptop DJing and I'm trying to reduce the weight I have to carry. i already have a proper 15" HP Core 2 duo.
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  1. Dual Core ULV suck? You must have got it wrong all. The dual core SU9400 or SU7300 are great for mobility for power.
  2. the thing is, i can only choose between these 2. that is all there is in this price range and screen size.
  3. o.k. screen size: no more than 14" no less than 13" (potability + no squinting). and like i said, it's for DJing with "Traktor". plus i need at least 2 usb ports, for sound card and controller.
  4. i live in europe, so in euros' about 400. which if u're an American will sound as though i have a lot of choices, but i don't. :(
  5. thanx, Timop.
  6. hi there. i've run in to a problem when trying to rename my partitions in win7, running on my HP laptop. it is a fresh install from a previous win7 installation, which had the same exact problem. i've everything that i could imagine might work but to no avail. please help.
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