Photoshop + 32GB Ram - Opteron or Xeon

Hello, I try to find components for a photoshop PC with 32Gigs Ram or more. A basic decision is choosing the right cpu (Intel or AMD)

Various people told me that Intel is better suited for Photoshop than AMD. This may be correct. However I´ve found no Photoshop Opteron-Xeon Benchmark Comparison.

At the moment I´m ram-limited, when editing huge files (PC, 5 years old, 4 Gigs of Ram)

DDR3 may be faster than DDR2, but more expensive. A single Intel Xeon is limited to 24 Gigs DDR3, When using 4 Gigs Modules. An AMD is limited to 8x4=32Gigs DDR2.

The price is also important. So AMD may be better.

So can you give me some hints, what to choose? Thank you very much.
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  1. thanks

    i work with absurdly :sol: large files (up to several gigs). add a few layers, then even 32 gigs is not that much.

    i try to configure a single cpu-system. A single quad-core is sufficient for photoshop i think. 8 cores instead of 4 add negliglible performance. maybe some filters can really use 8 cores, i´m not sure about this.
  2. Quote:
    Forgot to ask, but what is your budget anyways?

    the lower the better.

    switching from a 4gigs to a 32gigs system removes the ram-bottleneck. so some opterations may only take seconds instead of minutes. if an operation takes now 3 or 5 seconds is not so important. i do not want to invest shedloads of money for a few percent performance advantage.
  3. What could you possibly need 32 gigs of ram for? Not photoshop I will tell you that much.
  4. Current intel cpu's have better performance figures in photoshop as compared to their AMD counterparts.. However, you wont be needing a xeon or an opteron for that.. A single i7 930 put together with 12 gigs of DDR3 ram and a mid range video card (preferably nvidia) with high memory (1GB or more) will suffice.. If your budget permits you, get a cheap SSD which will definitely boost up performance as compared to conventional hard drives..
  5. 12 gigs is not enough. i´ve made a few tests with another 12 gigs ddr3 pc. 12 gigs are nice, but when working with huge files it´s a limititation.
  6. i´ve created a configuration

    1x amd quad opteron
    tyan dual opteron board with 32gigs ram

    not too shabby, eh?

    the $300 TYAN S2932 has pci-x, which is useless for me. i prefer pci-e + pci33/32bit
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