Has anyone put a geminii s524 inside a CM elite 343?

Hello all,

I have a low clearance mini tower, CM elite 343, in which I have decided to replace the stock intel cooler mostly due to noise rather than performance.

The geminii s524 meets the height clearance of the case but I am actually worried that width wise it may bump into the back of my graphics card. I measured last night, from the perceieved center of my intel stock cooler fan to the bottom of my graphics card is approximately 70-71mm. The width of the geminii s524 is 144mm. Assuming that the contact plate of the geminii is dead center width-wise then I am assuming it may be too wide by a few millimeters and run into my graphics card.

So I was wondering if by chance anyone out there has this same configuration and/or knows that it will/will not work. Any responses are appreciated, thanks for reading.
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  1. Hey :hello:

    I have the 343 for my home theater system- would have gone even smaller but it wasn't purchased in person and I didn't realize how freaking long it is! At any rate =, I actually can picture that model cooler hitting the PSU more than the GPU, but overall I think it's just too big to miss both. I have the Xiagmatek Loki cooler in mine. $25 on Newegg, it's a tower with a 92mm fan that fits. It doesn't leave room for a side panel fan, but unless you have a 125w CPU in there, the front and rear should be enough case airflow. The thing spins at some ridiculous RPM rate at full speed, but has a 4-pin connector and quiets down very nicely if set to run at around 60% speed in BIOS. Still keeps my 95w Athlon X3 455 under 30c unless I am doing something like video encoding. Then I can either speed the fan up to 100% and keep it in the low 30s, or leave it be and stay under 40c.

    If you don't have a very demanding processor to cool, this is a STEAL at under $6 and will be nice and quiet: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007RWXCPY/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00
  2. Hey there,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes, the more I think about it the more I am leaning towards thinking the geminii will clunk around and hit components in my case. I actually looked at the cooler you have myself along with the CM tx3 which is also a tower cooler with a 92mm fan. I have a stock clock i5 with no intention of overclocking in the near foreseeable future. So noise is my main motivation to replace the intel box cooler.

    There are a few tower coolers that fit our case but they're all restricted to 92mm fans which are always louder than 120 or even 140mm fans. This is why I was really trying to get a top down cooler since I care more about noise than an extreme overclock. Though I would like to do a mild one, Maybe 4.0-4.2 ghz on a i5 3570k :D

    So I did a little more research and I found Enermax ETD-T60-TB. This is also a top down cooler. The total width is something like 133mm which is about 10mm shorter than the geminii so I think it will fit! The fan (non "vegas" edition) has been tested as super quiet until ~1050 RPM. I think I will bite the bullet on this one.

    If I could do my build again I would have research small form factors better. You're right, the 343 is squat but really long! I wish I decided to try a mini ITX build inside a silverstone sugo case. I think that would have been so much fun to build and admire once I was finished with it. haha
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