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I was looking at building my first computer and was going to model it off of the build at Hardware-Revolution... ... Im on a really tight budget so cant really spend all that much. I was looking at getting one of these combos but dont know all that much about them. The computer would be used for basic video editing with sony vegas pro 9, watching movies, searching the web(youtube, facebook,ect....
I cant really spend more than 150 on the motherboard/graphics card.
Ill be geting a quad core amd cpu dont know exactly which one yet though...
Another BIG question i have is how would i set up the computer with out graphics on the motherboard. The video card needs you to install drivers but i dont think you can do that with out windows but idk im a noob :p
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  1. Here's how it goes...

    Step 1. You put your board on a phonebook (or other non-conductive surface).
    Step 2. Install your CPU and heatsink w/ fan - there is only one way it fits in, so be careful.
    Step 3. Install one stick of RAM.
    Step 4. Connect the Power Supply to the motherboard, and don't forget about the 4/8-pin ATX connector.
    Step 5. If you can connect your front panel Power Button, great, do it. If not, use a flathead screw driver to touch the PWR_SW pins (there are only two).

    This method is know as breadboarding. This is done so that you can ensure your motherboard will POST. If this is successful, remove the PSU connections and the RAM stick. Then proceed to install everything into the case, but don't forget to install the brass Standoffs to separate the motherboard from the chassis.

    Once everything is connected, turn on your computer. Now put in your Windows installation disc. Install the OS. Once that is finished, you can install your video drivers. Windows has a generic video driver included. This is designed for the purpose of having a display before installing video drivers.

    Now, here's a little tip for buying your CPU... If you're not concerned with overclocking or energy saving, then get a AthlonII X4 645 Propus - Newegg has it for $120.99. Item# N82E16819103885. Sorry, I can't link it because newegg is blocked from my office computer. I got the item number using my phone.
  2. THANKS and that was probably the cpu i was going to get... but maybe the AMD phenom ii x4 955 BE if i save up a little more money. Anyone have any input on a graphics card and motherboard for around that price range?
  3. Amd's triplecores are a good way to keep the budget happy, and if your lucky you can unlock it to a quad, M3a's are a nice little plate though, I and my other half both have one
    and while stuffs in the post, read up on this for tips and guidance to help you, if you get stuck We'll help out if we can.
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