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Alright, so I would like to overclock my AMD Athlon II (Yes, my motherboard supports it) and my 1 stick (Possibly 2 sticks in the near future) of 4gb DDR3 Ram. I need more cooling though, and I'm on a tight budget. When I run CPU BURN IN for about 30 min. I top at 55 degrees Celsius. I know I need to stay below 60, but that obviously won't happen when I overclock. I currently have 3 fans, the stock that came on the Processor (It's only 2 weeks old) an exhaust fan, and a small .12A fan blowing from the front of the computer to the back. I am contemplating a case fan, but how much would this help? Would just one fan do enough for me to overclock? If not, what kind of setup should I use and how much should I spend?
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  1. If your overclocking you need a new cpu fan a case fan just wont do it it may drop temps by 2-3 degrees but it just wont be enough for overclocking when you bump the voltage.
  2. The fan isn't going to be the biggest player here. The biggest problem is the heatsink you have (probably) stock. In order to drop temperatures you need to have a better heatsink. The better the cooling efficiency of the heatsink/fan combination, the cooler your CPU will stay. I'd look into compatible heatsinks as I don't recommend ever overclocking with the stock cooling setup.
  3. what he said
  4. How many times you need the same question answered ?
    Same answer , you need a better cooler to OC , good intake and exhaust fans will help as well , but the cooler is most important
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