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I am doing a project at school and I need he opinion of a couple of people. So just say what you tough about the new Phenom II X6.

P.S.: No fanboyisim please.
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  1. I would LOVE to have this Proc.
    i have the mobo to support it but i need the $300+ to get it.
    on a down side my mobo only supports DDR2 and only has one PCI-E slot
  2. Depends on what you are doing. For gaming, pretty much ANY current/last gen CPU will do. For other stuff, CAD/rendering,etc there is a deference between the i7 with HT and the X6 depending on program, settings,etc.
  3. I think it's great for the limited number of people who run software that is threaded to use it. For gamers and most other people, there really is no difference between the Phenom II 955 and Phenom II 1090T.
  4. I think it it would taste good with some hot sauce.

    It is a nice chip.
  5. Voted cool as it gives my older platform a great upgrade path for a very good price.

    M3A78-EM , 9950, 4gigs ram + GTX260

    I can put in the X6 but there is no need for it really... the 9950 is still holding up great.
  6. I voted cool as well.

    Phenom II x6 is a good CPU. The price of the 1055T made it a GREAT CPU.

    Yes, Phenom II ipc is lower. But if you can utilize those 6 cores and have a good setup for OCing (for locked multi) the 1055T is a no-brainer.

    I voted cool because the x6BE isn't quite as attractive with the $300 price tag IMO. However the unlocked multiplier has its obvious benefits, which with the right user/circumstances can warrant the premium.
  7. Well, I would say it is "cool" right now. Would I buy one? Not quite yet. But lets see where this goes and in about 6 months, you never know. You gotta give AMD props though for putting this thing on the market at the price. Even the 1090T at $300 is hard to not pick up if I was doing a brand new build right now. AMD has got to do something about hyperthreading, and when they do....:)
  8. I voted great because it has speed up rendering times and such but i belive i have had a core die on the 1055T and it does not show up in amd overdrive or core temp when it showed up 3 days ago.
  9. I think the chip to buy in its price range, unless your a only building a gaming rig. A lot of power for the money.
  10. I think thats It's great that AMD have brought out a six core chip at such a low price, but that It's important to understand that very few people will use it to It's full ability - with only people that are running mult-threading applications really taking advatage. I still choose the phenom II x 4 955 BE over this for my gaming, and not because of the price.
  11. it is a gr8 achievement by amd, they might even be able to crank out an octocore b4 years end : )
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