How to move Firefox temp files from SSD to HDD>

Ive been looking around for the one link I found that told me how to move the firefox files from the SSD to the HDD. Not Firefox itself, but all the temp files etc files that can be written on the HDD...

Anyone have info on that?

I found this link too, but its from 09, and not sure if its outdated or not. Would anything else that is in that link be worth doing too?
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  1. I believe you could change the environmental var for your useracct to be located on your other drive, and that would accomplish what you are trying to do. It would also change the temp file location for all other programs while in your user account though which may or may not be a bad thing depending on what you are trying to do.

    I didn't read that, but it was the first link for a google, and I didn't feel like typing out how to do it. When you get the environmental var window open you will want to edit the two that are in the top box.
  2. I read the thread you linked to. What you have to consider is the thread is 3 years old and the individuals are heavy duty hardcore enthusiasts who will try just about anything just to see if it is possible. What they're proposing is not necessary with a modern ssd.

    I've never had a reason to move temporary browser files from one of my solid state drives to a hard disk drive.

    I use Iolo's System Mechanic Pro to perform regularly scheduled maintenance. I perform maintenance every Sunday morning. Among other things the application automatically removes a variety of temporary files and optimizes files on my ssd's. No muss. No Fuss. No bother.

    If you have a small capacity ssd and need to save space that is a different matter. There are some simple space saving Microsoft Windows tweaks you can perform.
  3. What tweaks are they? I did the no hibernate, page file etc etc. I have 45 gigs left of 60 on my ssd. I moved the firefox to my hdd. I installed it there because i dont need it to start up at light speed
  4. I believe you want to move your Firefox profile folder which is easy enough to do. Just follow these instructions. You can also do the same with your Thunderbird profile.

    If you do move your profile, I suggest you copy it first to the new location and get it to work properly, then delete the original.

    I've moved mine. I put as much of my user data as I can (My Documents, etc.) on a separate partition/disk. Makes things easier for backups and such.
  5. Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Here is the link to the Tom's Hardware article about performance and space saving tweaks:,2911.html
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