Installing OS on SSD confusion!!

So, I have SSD and conventional HDD fitted, installed Windows 7 OEM onto the SSD drive, BUT it seems the boot partition installed on to the HDD and the OS onto the SSD :o . To resolve this, I had to disconnect the HDD, leaving only the SSD connected - installed correctly.

Why would this happen??? Any ideas??? Or another solution, other than disconnecting the HDD from the board.

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  1. Did you have a previous OS installed on the HDD before? Windows 7 install would have seen this, and "updated" the MBR/boot partition, yet install the OS to the SSD.

    Even if you set the SSD as the boot drivein BIOS, when Windows tries to boot, and doesn't see the MBR, it'll look for it on other drives, and write to the boot drive where to look.
  2. Even if both drives are empty, this is the default behaviour of the Win7 install. It's why every SSD guide states that you should disconnect all drives but the SSD when installing the OS.

    Why Microsoft did it that way - don't know. But that's the way it's "supposed" to work.
  3. Ah I see, so unplugging the HDD was the correct thing to do. Very strange that has to be done. Thank you both for the help :).

    Didn't find any info on the net about this, so I shall go and read an SSD guide now :)
  4. did u set the ssd as your primary boot drive?
  5. Yeah, the SSD was set to primary.

    Windows installation showed BOTH hard drives and I selected the SDD.
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