Asus ROG 5970

Hello, any idea when this card would be available and how is the performance ?

Finally someone with common sense making a over 1gb vram video card. 2gb / 4gb = acceptable. 1gb = O shame.

What is up with the 5800's price fixing ? $200 for a 5830 WT? 5850 $300 WT? Should be $80 = 5830 , $150= 5850 , $220 = 5870 , $300 = 5970.

2GB vram please catch a wake up AMD then at least it can be useful for opencl Ati Stream.

Intel's $1.5B settlement to AMD has obviously gone to AMD/ATI's 5800 1gb vram narrow minded heads.

Should I wait for the 5970 ROG and buy a power company instead of a new power supply or the Nvidia 480gtx 4gb.
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  1. What is up with the 5800's price fixing ? $200 for a 5830 WT? 5850 $300 WT? Should be $80 = 5830 , $150= 5850 , $220 = 5870 , $300 = 5970.

    In your Dreams.LOL
  2. $300 for a 5970? Seriously? I mean, seriously???????
  3. Anyway that card seems quite excessive to me.

    I am saying that because the 4GB of memory is a waste. Most games hardly use 1GB.

    The cores are still 5870 cores, the only reason it is clocked at 850mhz/1200mhz is because it has a better cooler.

    I have the 5970 w/ waterblock. Idles at 30C and loads at 40C, which means I do have it at 950mhz/1200mhz. Waterblock is $120 price premium.

    That card on the other hand doesn't seem like it only has a $120 price premium. The people on that forum is called out $1000. Woah that crazy for an extra 2GB of memory.
  4. The reason nothing uses 1GB, is because that is the max any card has per GPU until now.
  5. Memory is uses for storing textures. At even 2560x1600 resolution with very large textures most games will still have trouble filling up 1GB of video memory.

    Games don't load everything at once. Things are loaded as you go pass through levels. 2GB if uncessary, 4GB is useless.

    You should be more concerned about core clock than memory capacity.
  6. +^ I agree, except that there are games that max out 1GB, (GTA4, Crysis) and it's not 4 GB per gPu, it's only 2GB per GPU, so you can only effectively use 2GB
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