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Alright, so I would like to overclock my AMD Athlon II (Yes, my motherboard supports it) and my 1 stick (Possibly 2 sticks in the near future) of 4gb DDR3 Ram. I need more cooling though, and I'm on a tight budget. When I run CPU BURN IN for about 30 min. I top at 55 degrees Celsius. I know I need to stay below 60, but that obviously won't happen when I overclock. I currently have 3 fans, the stock that came on the Processor (It's only 2 weeks old) an exhaust fan, and a small .12A fan blowing from the front of the computer to the back. I am contemplating a case fan, but how much would this help? Would just one fan do enough for me to overclock? If not, what kind of setup should I use and how much should I spend?
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  1. you need a new cpu cooler syock one is no good for oc . try a deepcool nc 3002gx , 18.00 at the egg . keeps my fx 8350 and 1100t cool ,
    120 mm intake fan 120mm exhaust and a side fan if possible should do , maybe a fan on top exhausting heat as well , good cpu cooler is first
  2. jerry6 said:
    good cpu cooler is first

  3. Hey,

    ^+1 to what was said above, a good cpu cooler is a must. If you are on a budget check out the Cooler master hyper 212 cooler.

    It is $30 but its a very good cooler.

    Hope this helps!
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