AMD 9550 to AMD 955 BE big difference?

I'm going to be upgrading from the AMD 9550 to the AMD 955 and was hoping there was someone on here that might have done this before and can tell me if the difference in performance is worth the $160. The mobo that I'm using is the Asus M3A23-MVP DELUXE which only allows for DDR2. Any opinions are great!
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  1. 9950 vs 955

    Here is the difference you will see and it is quite a big difference the original Phenoms were horrible.

    DDR2 isnt that big of a deal the performance increase really isnt all that much going to DDR3 so you are fine with DDR2 just be sure the 955 will be supported and enjoy the performance boost.
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    I wouldn't say Phenom was terrible, I don't think many people realize it's on par with Athlon II and only about 10% slower than Phenom II. The primary difference is that Phenom II is more power efficient and clocks higher, the higher clocks are the main reason it performs better.

    The 955 is a good step up from a 9550, especially if you plan to overclock it.
  3. No overclocking planned right away, but I just checked and it looks like UPS delivered it today :wahoo: :bounce: . I'll post back with my results later tonight when I get home. I also picked up the Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 64 with it.
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