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Ati XFX 5870 or stay with my EGVA GTX 260 ?

Hey guys

I wanted to know if i should change my video for the incoming games in pc, i am playing atm Age of conan until something new came up, but i like to change my video from time to time and i think switching to dx11 could be good now. But should i wait for nvidia new videos or switch to ATI right away ?

PS: i do some video editing also on this machine. Working with 2 monitors at the moment, i think i can use up to 4 or 6 with the ATI but i need to buy more components i think right ?

Thanks for reading !
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    my suggest is to wait for fermi beacuse price of 5870 will drop when 400 series appear and maybe you can take a faster card for less money. better wait
  2. If you're games are running fine I'd hang on just a few more months. Might be able to pare the cost of an HD 5870 down a bit or maybe have an option you'd prefer. If Age of Conan is your main game ATI cards seem to do better with it though.
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