Are UV lights safe?

I'm thinking about getting UV tubes for my water cooling loop although buying the UV LED is not my only concern. I heard before about UV being bad but I looked it up and people say it's not good for you. I was gonna have the PC right by me but that would scare me of the whole UV lights being by me for hours a day. Is it safe to have in your system?
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  1. Ultra-Violet light can pose as a health hazard since it causes sunburn and is the leading cause of skin cancer.
    However, I suspect the amount of energy from these UV tubes is minuscule compared to the sun, so I don't think it will be a health hazard.

    The system itself is fine to have UV light in it, it actually will kill bacteria in your loop if the tubing is somewhat clear.
  2. UV lights in consumer applications are "Filtered" to prevent damage to your skin and eyes. Unfiltered UV lights designed for industrial uses are hazardous, especially to the eyes.
  3. Also does anyone know if it's bad to have a tiny bit of tap water in a water cooling loop? I had to dip 2 different endings of the tubing in warm water to fit it on because I was having a hard time with fitting it on and it made it a bit easier.
  4. The minerals that would be present in that tiny amount of tap water will be diluted fairly thin amongst the water in the loop. And chances are it wouldn't matter since the metals in the rad, block, pump, fittings and all that will gradually seep into the water anyway.
    Wouldn't be concerned.
  5. I'm worried that it might corrode my stuff.
  6. You could pull apart the loop, clean the blocks and such, re-assemble and re-fill it if you wanted to make sure corrosion isn't an issue.
    But as I said, wouldn't be too concerned.
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