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Hi all. If I use a 3 pin splitter to hook 2 chassis fans up to the same motherboard connector, will the MB be able to differentiate the two from a temperature reading perspective or will it only read 1 temp for both?
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  1. Hey sorry I didn't get back to your other thread.
    No, when using a splitter the motherboard won't be able to differentiate between them.
  2. Thx a lot!
  3. A quick follow up....I have a HAF 932 case with the above mentioned MOBO. With 2 intake fans (both 230MM) and 2 outgoing fans (one 230 MM and one 140MM). Does it make sense to ties the incoming with each other and outgoing with each other? The MOB monitors temps. How does tying them together affect how the MOBO adjusts the fan speeds?
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