I5 750/Asus P7P55D-E PRO wont post. Red CPU Q-LED


I've gone through the troubleshooting steps listed on the sticky, but I still cant seem to get this build up and running.


Cooler Master HAF 932
Corsair HX 750 Watt modular power supply
Intel i5 750
CM Hyper 212+ HSF (AS5 thermal paste)
Asus P7P55D-E PRO motherboard
XFX Radeon HD 5870
4 gb G-Skill Ripjaw Dual Channel DDR3-1600 memory

After initial build the CPU Led on the motherboard was constantly lit red, and the computer would not post. All fans and drives except the rear chassis fan were working. I double checked the connections and reseated the cpu with fresh thermal paste.

The same problem occurred after the once this was done.
I then decided that I needed to be more systematic, and followed the steps listed on the troubleshooting guide.

My brother 'helped' with the build, and when I was checking for extra stand-offs, I found that he screwed in 8 extra standoffs which were making connections with the motherboard in various locations.

After removing the extra standoffs, the rear fan was operational, but the CPU led was still a solid red.
I then decided to breadboard the build. Here are the results:

Only CPU and HSF: red cpu led, no beeps
CPU and 1 stick ram (both sticks tried in all locations): red cpu led, no beeps
CPU ram and video card: red cpu led, no beeps

Just for kicks I removed the PCI-e cords from the video card. The cpu led was still lit, but I also heard a constant beep. At least this confirms that the speaker works.

I've spent so many hours working on this and I'm not sure what exactly is going on. I figure its the motherboard, or cpu, but I'm not sure.

I'm worried about the standoffs at this point. What is the likeliness that components other than the mother board were damaged by this?

I find it strange how the only time I get any sound from the speaker is when the power supply isn't powering the video card. Do you find this to be significant?

I hope to test the ram and video card in another system tomorrow to at least remove some of the possibilities. Hopefully I can buy a voltmeter if you suspect the power supply.

I am so grateful for any help or suggestions I can get.
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  1. This document WILL solve your problem OVER 90% of the time. TRUTH !

  2. sorry ... knee jerk .. let me knock out a few quickies and I'll be back BUT, just about EVERYTHING that I have learned in 25+ years of tech support is in that sticky.

    Sometimes one head just isn't enough, tho ...

    = bump = guys?
  3. Either the CPU is not seated properly or the mobo got short-damage from one of the standoffs.

    You had better take it to a local rebuilder because they have parts to swap ... they can try your CPU in another board, etc.

    I would start from the screws on up and REALLY do ecactly everything that sticky says ... honestly, that sticky is like having an expert right nesxt to you IF you don't blow any of it off or skip anything.

    Take a rest ... go see a movie ... de-compress ... step back !!!

    You are fried right now and that only makes things worse ... give it (and yourself) a good rest ... get two bright lights on each side of the table and a big magnifying glass ... approach it fresh, one more time, and be as thourough and patient as possible.

    Get the most knowledgable PC person you know to bump heads with you.

    = Stay in touch with us and remember this thread's title so you can search-it-up and update us on any progress or failings.

    I know it really sucks that we can't be there to help (more) ... We WILL do whatever we can ... I would suspect the CPU (seating or pin alignment), the mobo (short damage or remaining standoff shorts) ... MAIN Power connector on mobo, HSF is not clamped down completely (prolly not that).

    REALLY ... good luck and, realize that few members of this forum like to get into these sorts of "messes" but SOME will do their best ... If this thread "falls off the page like a rock" then just print the word "bump" in the comment field and hit "submit" ... it will rise back to the top of the stack.

    == That's all I got, for now, but since I answered you, you are now on "MY THREADS" list so I WILL be keeping an eye out (for what little that is worth).

    = ALVIN =

    sticky sticky sticky sticky
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