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Undervolted GPU too far- Now computer won't recognize GPU

Hey all,

I have an His 7870 GHz Edition in my new build, and I was testing out some different settings in Afterburner (looking at how to increase FPS in games, how to drop temperatures without increasing the fan, etc.) and I feel that I have made a pretty bad error in undervolting my GPU too far.

I'm not exactly sure how far down the volts were before the display crashed (somewhere near the bottom setting in 2.3), but now my computer fails to recognize the GPU at all. The fan is spinning, so I know that my GPU is at least on, but I have now uninstalled Afterburner and swept all of the AMD drivers (by plugging in display through the motherboard- ASRock Z77 Extreme3), but I can't for the life of me get my computer to recognize the GPU or get any display signal from it.

I'd like to think that the card hasn't been damaged from undervolting, but I'm still pretty new to this.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    i dont think it would have been damaged... did you reinstall those drivers?
  2. Lord Tumnas said:
    i dont think it would have been damaged... did you reinstall those drivers?

    Thanks for the suggestion. In the process of trying that now- though the deletion and swapping of drivers hasn't been a simple process so far.
  3. Yep, swapped out the display drivers entirely, even tried installing beta 12.11, and it still won't recognize anything in Device Manager or OCCT.

    EDIT: Was able to get it to recognize by switching PCI ports. Very happy to have it back, but I'm still going to check into why the first port was causing issue. Thanks.

    EDIT 2: Upon switching back to the original PCI port, everything is back to normal. Welp, I guess I've learned my lesson with undervolting!
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  5. NR92CP said:
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    n:( I feel bad :( :(
  6. NR92CP said:
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    nI dont know what to say other than research before you undervolt something :( I just underclocked those old GTX 570s when they reached too high temps. Have a nice day :whistle:
  7. i came to this forum through a search because i undervolted my trifire Ati 6950s to lower temps, as i could afford to lose 10-15 fps in my games.

    It was 40 degrees C outside (hot day :o ) and my vid cards were reaching 80C which isnt bad but its just noisy with 6 vidcard fans all going hard as they each have 2 fans each.

    with a mild undervolting and lowing the core clock by 100 and mem clock by 300, i reduced the temps from 80C to 60C and was pretty happy with the results as i only lost 5-10 frames. no instability in my games.

    anyhow after i powered up my pc the next morning my mouse cursor would freeze in win7 and then the display would freeze and reboot every 5 seconds or so. i quickly went into afterburner and reset the voltage and clocks to default and restarted my comp.

    after it rebooted i was still seeing the same problem so i booted into a winXP install and sadly same freezing and display going blank and resetting.

    after pulling apart my $800 trifire setup and trying 2 cards, same deal, swapped out the order of the cards and same deal :(

    pulled em all out and put 1 back in and problem gone, computer works fine. now i will have to see if its 1 faulty vid card that didnt like underclocking or undervolting.
  8. Sounds like something to do with cmos. When I took my card out of pc with the power out for 3 days and put it back in it had a hissy fit and wouldnt boot windows properly then the res was stuck at 800*600.
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