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I hope you can help me. I recently built a desktop computer and added two hard drives. The C hard drive is a 500G and works fine. The second hard drive is a 1T for data storage and I can see it in both the disk management window and the device manager, but I am having difficulty allocating it. The information says that it is a basic, 931.51 GB, unallocated drive. I am sure that there is a very simple way of activating this hard drive, but I am obviously not figuring out how to do that. Are you able to help?
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  1. Hey action - are you using XP?

    If so, have you tried the "Manage" option when you right click "My Computer"?

    VV5 out
  2. Sorry, I should have said I have Windows 7.

    I went:

    Control panel
    Administrative tools
    Computer management
    Disk management
  3. Action - from what I recall in XP (which is probably translatable to 7) is that you go to the unallocated portion of your drive, right click on it, and you should have the option to set it as an active partiton and format it to NTFS (if that's what you want obviously). Did you try that already?
  4. Thanks for the help VV5. I figured it out by right clicking on it and running new striped volume. Now allocated. Thanks
  5. No problem - glad I could help!
  6. pls help me too!!!! :??: ..... i went to disk management but couldnt select my unallocated drive...... i tried right clicking but only help and properties can be accessed ....... :cry:
  7. this is my PROBLEM TOO

    please help
  8. amalchummar and ahmadreza,

    You guys need to open up a new post and add more detail so that we can respond.

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