Is my monitor broken? Terriable anti-aliasing.

It's been a concern for a while now that I think my monitor is broken. Pixel qaulity is bad (looks like water is splashed across the entire screen, only shows with light colors) and perhaps un-related, terriable anti-aliasing. Games that allow override with Supersampling-AA x8 look great. This game has a native anti-aliasing which is being used. I just want to make sure it's the monitor before I go out and buy a new one.

Thank you, I'm not very tech savy so that's why I'm here. xD

7950 Using CCC.
1920x1080p monitor
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  1. Maybe you need nvidia's new anti alising technology to fix the rest :) JK ---UM I think the textures of the actual game are suspose to be like that. YOu sent us a virtual pic not a physical virtual pic. So thats why its the game :(
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