Help overclocking my 1045t

I have never overclocked a cpu before. I have been looking around at the forums on the 1045t and google but I am still wondering what to do and what I can expect, I want to overclock this to 4.0 ghz ( or more ) I have an almost all corsair build here are my specs. I want to use this build for gaming if that makes a difference.

MSI 970A-G46 AM3+ AMD 970
AMD 1045t x6 2.7
Corsair tx 750
Corsair ram not sure which clock speed to get yet but i will be getting 32gb probably 16 at a time. Suggestions?
Corsair H60 Liquid cooling
Corsair ram cooler
Corsair 200 case
not sold on a video card yet, thinking amd radeon 7870 or 7850 but im open to suggestions as well. I want to run battlefield 3 and newer games on ultra without spending 300$ on a video card

I watched a couple videos on it on youtube and these people are just disabling amd cool n quiet things like that and adjusting bus speed and voltage it looks like they are guessing until they get about 3.8. Will I be able to safely over clock this processor? I don't want to set it to 4.0ghz, reboot and mess my stuff up.

Do I use CPUZ and Cinebench to overclock or to load test the overclock. Thank you for any help.
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  1. Cinebench is a benchmarking tool not really a stability test , if you use it before you overclock and then after you can see any improvement. Prime95 is a stability test tool. Secondly 32gb ram for gaming is silly 8gb is more than any modern game can use and the speed of the ram doesn't effect fps so don't blow to much cash there.
    The speed of your cpu is your bus frequency by the multiplier so a bus frequency of 300mhz and a multiplier of 13 gives you 3900mhz or 3.9ghz you will have to find yourself what is stable for your rig and what voltage it need.
    One tip I will say is a smaller bus frequency and higher multiplier can be generally more stable something like bus frequency of 235mhz with a 17 multiplier give you 4ghz but performance may not be as good as the 3.9ghz for fps in gaming
  2. Forgot to mention the H60 is not that good and its loud a good air cooler would do the job better especially for overclocking
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