260 GTX Inno3D Freezer X2 Water cooling

Hey guys, just need a really quick reply on fitting a Water cooling unit, Zalman Reserator 1 WATER COOLING KIT to be precise, On a 260 GTX Freezer X2, Are there any tutorials on it, And is it worth it? It also has a CPU Cooling, It will be mounted on a Q6600 normal Clock, on a P5n-E sli.

in need of a quick reply. Thanks guys.
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  1. Theres a load of good video tutorials related to watercooling on youtube. Pretty helpful
  2. Yeah but they are for the normal 260GTX's :) I need one for the Freezer X2 as it has a differently mounted Heatsink and dual fans. Altho if you could find me one as i have looked that'd be grand mate:)
  3. I do beliece the Freezer X2 on the GTX 260 uses heat pipe fan cooling. While the reserator 1 is a watercooling radiator...

    You wouldn't be able to connect the two. You need a video card with a waterblock not heat pipes.

    If you do get a card with a waterblock. They will always have G1/4" threads, and you can add your favorite fittings on to hook up to your water cooling loop.
  4. all you got to do is remove the heatsink and fans from your GTX260 then install the GPU waterblock, does the Zalman Reserator 1 water cooling kit come with a full GPU waterblock that cools the VRM's and memory chips or just the GPU?

    Heres a video that will show you the basic steps for installing a waterblock on a GPU.


    Are you sure the GPU block that comes with your water cooling kit is compatible with your freezerx2?
  5. Hmm well this is the one im looking at buying, Mainly down to the cheap price.


    Think it only has a small circular one that just covers the GPU By the look of things
  6. http://www.zalman.co.kr/eng/product/Product_Read.asp?idx=183

    Thats what it comes with i believe. Have asked him for a full list of items that come with it, And just to say guys the replys have been very quick. So thanks alot:)
  7. please don't buy that!

    The pump is rubbish the blocks are very old and im not even sure if the radiator has fans or if its passively cooled!

    Look what it says for the GPU block : "This anodized, pure aluminum RAM Water Block is built for high performance cooling, and is compatible with Geforce 7800/7900 and ATI X1800/X1900 in need of VGA RAM cooling. It provides easy installation"

    I doubt very much that it will work with your GTX260 and other components, even if it did fit, it would be so bad at cooling you'd be better off with air.
  8. if your going watercooling, you got to do it properly which means loads of research and loads of money

    I just spent £187 on a CPU watercooling loop.......quality watercooling isn't cheap
  9. alright thanks, and yeah its fanless but loaded on a non OC standard rig it gets about 50C But im looking at a few solutions. Thanks alot guys of Tomshardware, You've saved me spending money i don't need to again.

    On a side note, im using a standard Intel heatsink+fan on my CPU, What would you advise for a P5N-E SlI 775 Q6600. I've been hearing good reviews on the V8.
  10. really decent fan great air flow and very quiet!
  11. Omg, What would i need to mount 3 fans onto the RevB cooler and whats the biggest size i can go up too?

    Am abit of a noob when it comes to Case modding/Cooling, Have good airflow as everything is tucked behind the Mobo mount.

    Thanks again man, Been a great help.
  12. You can only mount 2 fans on the Prolimatech Megahalems Rev B, and to do so you'll need some additional fan clips.

    If your talking about fan size, then the biggest for the Prolimatech is 120mm fans.

    You'll need a large case though, what case do you have ?
  13. Its a Shark Tower, Let me just find it:)


    That one, Just in black :P
  14. yeah should be fine, its fairly wide at 205mm
  15. Thanks man been a big help, So 2 of those Batwing 120MM Fans, And how many clips would i need for both? :)
  16. The prolimatech already comes with 1 set of fan clips (for mounting 1 fan) so just buy one more set, then you can mount 2 fans : )
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