I7 860 temps

i know for fact that i7 860s run a bit warm under load.......i had a stock cooler on it,,and ran torture test - prime 95,,,and it would get up to 80c ,,,,real temp and core temp

i installed a zalman 9500....from my socket 775 rig, and the temps droped to high 60,s , or 70c

but my biostar toverclocker registered the temps about 10c cooler,,,high 50,s

which is acurate, the biostar toverclocker software,,or real temp and core temp

p55 chipset biostar board :sweat:
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    I would say real temp and core temp would be your best readings.

    A good way to find out is going in the bios and compare your idle reading thru there the bios would be the most accurate.
  2. okay...thanks
    prime 95 torture test if probably more demanding than any game or application you can subject the cpu too.
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