Overclocking i7 3770k

I wish to overclock my CPU. I have never done this before.
I understand the best way is to enter BIOS settings and do it from there.


Intel Core i7 3770k 8M Cache
zalman CNPS11X
Asus Maximus V Gene

Samsung 24" 1080p
Corsair C70
Corsair 750W
(4x) Kingston 4GB DRR3 1600MHz
Seagate Sata 500GB
Gigabyte HD 7870 2GB DDR5 OC
Windows 8 Pro 64bit

I would like to know how to do this, what values to set and if it is a good idea at all.
I would prefer a safer setting because my PC is fairly new.
Also any other helpful advice would be appreciated.
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    Use the search - get some basic info then post any questions you have. Spoon feeding may get you an OC but you will know nothing about what you've done.
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