Nvidia geforce 9500 GT problems

Installed one of these on a new build pc, when the drivers are installed though the download rate of my wireless card (asus WL-138G V2) drops down to almost non-existant. When I remove the drivers things improve, any ideas?
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  1. Try the wireless card in a different slot, or try re-installing those drivers after you install the graphics card drivers. Also, you may want to try a new Wireless card for $10 or less. Might just be a conflict between those two pieces of hardware. It happens sometimes! Is your operating system 32 or 64 Bit?
  2. It's 32 bit, haven't tried different slots but will give that one a go. Am trying to find updates for the wireless card but there is non executable files on the asus website. Really am scratching my head at this considering it is an asus motherboard, graphics card and wireless adapter. But there definitely is a conflict issue here...very annoying, thanks for the help
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