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I've been looking around for new gaming cases, and have found quite a few that I like. However, I don't want to miss out on any that I missed! Price range is $150 and under, and it can be a mid or full size tower, just as long as it can fit a 5850 (and a second in CF sometime in the future). Won't be installing some crazy amount of HDDs or anything like that! And also won't need to have liquid cooling support, sticking with air.

Things I consider to be important (in order):
1) Cooling (dust filters preferred)
2) Cable hiding/management
3) Looks (though I'll judge this, so don't worry about it!)

Do you guys have any recommendations? I'm looking for as many good quality cases as possible, so I can narrow them down based on point 3 above. :) For example of what I consider to be a good case, the CM Storm Sniper Black looks quite promising.

I mainly just don't want to miss out on any new cases (haven't researched in months). Are there any upcoming dates for big case releases that I should wait for?

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Antec 1200, 900 or 902 or CoolerMaster Haf 922 or 932 are probably the most recommended cases on this forum.
    I have more experience with Antec cases myself and could not be happier with my 1200. It comes with 5 x 120mm and 1 x 200 mm fans with 2 optional 120mm fans ( I have them ). All the fans are 3 speed and on low are nice and quiet. Dust filters are included.
  2. The ANTEC 1200 is a full tower case targeted to gamers who want a very high quality case full of features but don’t want to pay for a more expensive aluminum product.
    This case would be my choice.

    Here you have a video review:
  3. I swapped out my Antec 900 for a cooler master haf932. The cooler master is much easier to work on, looks mean, and is very versatile. Install power supply on top or bottom, included fill hole for water cooling, and almost too many fan options. SO far I've been very happy with it. The Antec 900/2 is a good choice. I like the NZXT line as well.
  4. silverstone raven 2 has everything you are looking for. I was in your situation a few days ago and was also looking for the "perfect" case, after days of searching, I finally found it, would be glad to contribute my finding with you, this case uses 90 degree rotated motherboard mounting, which means, your graphic cards will be hang vertically, heat rises, so through convection you are going to get natural heat dissipation and 3x180mm fans on the bottom will create positive pressure inside the case (which means NO dust build up in the case because dust can't get in with positive pressure) and force air out from the top, all your cables and plug outlets are on the top of the case too, this is very convenient as you dont have to reach all the way to the back to plug in something, and the "wow" factor you get from others is just priceless. with this case im currently running my x6 1090T at 4.3ghz 22C idle and 55C load (albeit with help from my massive HSF), and keeping my ATI FireGL V7700 at a cool 45C (they used to be 80+ in my old case)

    Dust filters: everything is filtered, including the PSU intake!

    COOLING: 3x180mm fans on the bottom with 125CFM each!!, and 120mm fan on the top to aid HSF with exhaust, you are going to get some massive air flow in this thing.

    CABLING MANAGEMENT: I don't see no cables!

    LOOKS: you get a very elegant and respected look with this case, front and back is minimalistic with just the slight "wow" touch to it, notice there there are NO cables coming out from the back, because all the cables are hidden on the top due to the 90degree rotated mobo design.
  5. I have the Antec 900 and it's been good to me. I've been tempted by the Raven and the 1200 as well.
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    If you need the case like NOW then I would recommend the Antec 902 or 1200. They are pretty much the same case except the 902 is smaller than the 1200. It has dust filters, great cable management, and the looks it looks awesome!

    If you can wait for a month or so, I would recommend is our new gaming series case DF-85 (which is a gaming case). The DF-85 is very similar to the Antec 1200 but with more added features like the fleet swap drives and 2.5" sata swappable bay. It is a full tower case so it will basically fit almost all CPU coolers/video cards you put in it.

    We are hoping to releasing three cases in June, the DF-35 (similar size as the Antec 900 but with more features) + DF-85 + Lanboy Air (upgraded version of our Antec Lanboy case).

  7. Wow....that is the first I have seen of these new DF series. I have to say they are impressive looking.
  8. No dust filters and the looks of the HAF 932 really kill it for me, which is a shame given its great performance.

    The raven is one sexy case, with a very interesting design, but I'm afraid I don't want to spend quite that amount of money on a case.

    The 902 is looking great at the moment (just not completely taken by its looks), but I think I'll hold out through the end of june for those DF cases. No rush!

    Thanks for the replies all!
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  10. I love my Antec 900 II case... looks great, filtered intake fans, tons of room, cable management, never gone more than 1 or 2C over ambient... and it was like $130.
  11. Saw those new Antec cases awhile back and couldn't wait for them to come out. I'm happy it's soon. Thanks for the update Antec Rep.
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