800mhz ram in 1066 slots?

I have a mobo that says memory standard is 1066Mhz, but my current 8gb of ddr2 is 800mhz..

Is this still usable, even if i have to overclock the memory speed in bios, or is this totally useless?
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  1. Please mention the make and model of your motherboard.. 1066 MHz may be the max memory speed supported by the motherboard in which case, your 800 MHz modules will be very much supported..
  2. That's basically the max supported. But it won't matter that much. I don't think, regardless of advertising, that you can make the whole system run that fast.

    It says that FSB is 1333/1066 MHz. That's FSB freqs of 333 and 266 MHz. That corresponds to memory speeds of DDR2-667 and -533. And Core2 systems just do not benefit from overclocking the memory.

    Then there is very little true DDR2-1066 RAM. Most of it is DDR2-800 RAM that has been tested to run at the higher speed by increasing the voltage and relaxing the memory timing.

    Save your money and buy good DDR2-800 RAM.
  3. Well I have 8GB of corsair [XMS] ddr2-800 already, I want to make sure I can use that same ram on that mobo.
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    Yes you can.. The motherboard supports a max memory quantity of 8GB at the best rated speed of 1066 MHz.. So yours is well within the specs..
  5. sweet! thanks for the help :)
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