My xp system very slow

my window xp is running very slow
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  1. Do some cleaning

    You could manually clear all temp internet files and run a disk cleanup in Windows if U want, but it would be easier to install a utility like CCleaner or TuneUp. (U can do more stuff with them)
    (CCleaner is faster)

    And a scan with your antivirus, or with Malwarebytes

    Then see what things U don't need/use anymore from add/remove in Control panel and uninstall.

    Also check your services and startup tabs, in Start>Run , type msconfig
    and uncheck anything that U don't need and it isn't vital for Windows.(U can also do this with Tune up if U like)

    Do you have an antivirus? How much ram U have? Does it do the same in safemode? Did this happened recently?

  2. mshowrah said:
    my window xp is running very slow

    Could be one of 50 things with how much info you provided. Maybe 54 things.

    Need to list your system specs, what you did to try to fix this, if you get any error messages, any other issues aside from it being slow, is it slow in only certain places or slow in anything you do (that means opening programs, opening files, moving around the hard drive, internet, etc..., don't just say EVERYTHING is slow, that helps no-one).
  3. mshowrah said:
    my window xp is running very slow
    :hello: harry here: ur system needs maintenance disk clean-up weekly & a defrag now & every 3 months get CCleaner it will clean all of it up for u it also free :)
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