Dealing with bad sector by excluding the damaged area in a partition


I have about 40kb of bad sec. on my HDD and it keeps making errors and corrupting files.. and it keeps doing that every few months no matter how much I scan and fix using regular scanning programs..

I remember hearing about this way to deal with bad sector.. I'm not sure what is it exactly, but its basically finding the the exact area of the hard drive that has the bad sector, and then create a small partition that include it, then hiding it, so that you don't write on it in the future and keep getting errors..

Anyone heard about this way before? what programs can I use to find the damaged area? can this be done using windows?

any help would be appreciated
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  1. A full format of the hard drive will find and exclude the sector for sure, giving you a fresh start on the drive.

    Otherwise, chkdsk c: /f (or replace c: with whatever drive letter it is) will get it and exclude it for you on it's own. If you ever format the drive ever again, though, it will need to be a full format.
  2. do a chkdsk first on that drive
  3. scout_03 said:
    do a chkdsk first on that drive

  4. that will on the next starup check the hard drive and remove the files he could from bad sector and mark the unusable
  5. thanks everyone..

    I just have another question.. Does chkdsk has to be done from DOS? could it be done from CMD with the same efficiency?
  6. could be start with the os and when you restart computer start by itself without loading the os
  7. The correct command is chkdsk /r not /f.

    You need to open a command prompt and type the command, then reboot the computer and the scan will run on its own.
  8. I isolate the bad sectors (around 200MB of bad) by formating until i had the bad sectors in a partition and hiding this partition. I was using Partition Magic 8.0 and chkdsk [driveletter]: /r. I've done this in many steps by resizing the partitions until the bad area was outside of this partition and merging that partition with a good one. The remaining space including the bad sectors was partitioned and hidden.
  9. I have an external hard drive, and when I did a mirror backup using Backup4all, the verification process found 20 files with CRC errors. Those files don't fail to read from the drive, they just read successfully but with incorrect data. My understanding is that chkdsk only finds errors by finding out which sectors give an error when trying to read from the drive. How can I find the bad sectors and fix them by writing to each sector of the drive several times (or at least once) and seeing if it reads back the same data each time?
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