Supply of SSD 120GB Pricing in the near future, research info also

I was wondering if the SSD would retail up to 40% next year, or would it just be gradual?

I found that on the Read speed 550 is good, and 500-520 write speed is good.

when you go larger than 120GB 90% of the speed drops of. a 35% estimated loss

I was budgeting $100 for reasonable 120GB like OCZ Vertex Sata 3 6GBS speed the 240GB version is a little faster on the write speed
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More about supply 120gb pricing future research info also
  1. If you can get one in the 120-128GB range for $100 jump on it!
  2. well OCZ is what I am mainly looking at. 75% of the other stuff is not worth it when finding a 120GB SSD for $100.00

    the next few months will see some degree of drop in price, but maybe November will bring some opertunity.
  3. Here is the best buy at the moment not quite down to $100 yet and all predictions I have seen do not show a drop in price in the near future!
    The best according to reviews are the Intel 520 or the Samsung 830!
  4. That SSD from newegg is in line of specs but reviews may influence the selection
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